Kraig Silver

Executive Vice President - Leasing
“It means seeing a potential situation and taking a different approach. I believe I can sniff out a potential opportunity that many others would overlook, while having the same facts that made me see the opportunity in the first place.”

Kraig Silver’s keen market knowledge of the real estate business is rooted in his 15 years experience representing both tenants and landlords. Seeing the business from both viewpoints gives him a unique perspective on the industry and how he approaches is job.

“Seeing things differently means being solutions oriented.  Being able to see steps or possibilities that others might not see are instrumental in bringing the transaction to a close. So many times, our competitors are unable to bring about the same transaction or take the same approach because they lack this creative ability. I also believe I can sniff out a potential real estate opportunity that many others might overlook,” he says.

What he loves about his job is helping various business owners and decision makers get the deal done. “We’re always looking to ‘get the deal done.’ We’ve become known as the dealmaker in the industry. Often, I’ll get a call when the tenant is having trouble with their current deal and knows we can make it happen or we’re approached first from the beginning of their lease process. For me the Treeline way is always knowing that we’re all a team that never leaves a stone unturned in order to make a deal happen.”

Kraig received his BA from the State University of New York at Oneonta. He joined Treeline as Senior Vice President for Leasing, initiating and executing leasing and sales transactions for commercial properties. He also helps develop existing client relationships and new business. His recent accomplishments range from closing complex deals with 1-800 Flowers and the Metropolitan Transit Authority to using direct marketing in strengthening Treeline’s leasing efforts. He’s acted as advisor and consultant to numerous national and international clienteles.