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About The Treeline Companies

The Treeline Companies is a value-add real estate company, specializing in creative and innovative approaches to acquisitions, management, development, and leasing.

our mission

In the ever-changing world of real estate, the Treeline Companies’ values, innovation, and results have remained a constant for nearly four decades, reaching extraordinary heights for our investors, tenants, and partners. That strong foundation has allowed our company to flourish, bearing the fruit of success and trust while remaining flexible enough to innovate and explore.

At the Treeline Companies, we’re always growing — growing relationships, growing success, growing together.



Aggregate Transaction Value

> $1 Billion


Garden City, NY & Charlotte, NC

Our Values

  • Growth

  • Creativity

  • Consistency

  • Performance

Our Process

1. Identifying Markets

Where Data
Meets Demand

We take a data-driven approach, studying publicly available information sources and proprietary market information databases. We examine market trends with a critical lens to garner a unique perspective for value creation. Our goal is to meet demand that has been unmet by others in the market.

2. Source Opportunities

Boots on
the Ground

We cultivate direct relationships with owners, brokers, and government agencies in order to access transactions that typically aren’t as widely marketed. Our “boots on the ground” approach allows us to successfully navigate deals with complex environmental, zoning, and legal hurdles, all while balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders. We are willing to put in the time and effort to work out issues that others may walk away from.

3. Diligence & Design

Highly Organized
and Experienced

We use a highly organized and systematized due diligence and underwriting process, with all financial projections reviewed internally and subject to investment committee approvals. Our project design integrates professionals across multiple disciplines including architecture, engineering, exterior and interior design, and feasibility research. We bring our own extensive design experience to the table, but also collaborate with those who specialize in the product type and the specific market of each project.

4. Project Development

From Start
To Finish

Our construction management team supervises all aspects of construction or renovation. Our accounting department maintains strong internal controls, reviewing all loan draws and financial transactions, to ensure that projects are completed within budget. In addition, our in-house leasing team cooperates with outside brokers to achieve leasing goals. We strive to be broker-friendly and creatively motivate leasing across our portfolio.

5. Stabilization

The End is
the Beginning

On completion, each project is turned over to our asset management team. We focus on long-term project objectives while using best management practices to enhance the tenant experience. We strive to create personal relationships with our tenants so that when it comes time to renew or expand a project, our tenants are comfortable and want to stay a part of the larger the Treeline Companies family.

6. Realization

Our Efforts

We endeavor to realize on our projects through a capital event – a sale, refinancing, or recapitalization – at an optimal point in the market. Our team remains keenly aware of sales trends in the market and available financing terms so as to maximize investor returns.

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