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Success Story

195 Montague Street

Brooklyn, NY

Creative solutions to complex problems

195 Montague Street was built in 1960 and had a decades-old HVAC system that did not comply with NYC’s newly-enacted carbon emission laws. Being the former headquarters of Brooklyn Union Gas, the building was highly reliant on natural gas. Updating equipment of this size would require cranes and cutting a hole in the 15th floor of the building. This was a $1.8MM project that required the consent of a commercial condominium board.

What We Did


By The Numbers


year building was built and original equipment was installed


under budget and
ahead of schedule


carbon emissions reduced since installation


  • Decommissioning part of the HVAC system to stay on budget
  • Bring the buildings carbon footprint into legal compliance
  • Install large equipment without cutting open the outside of the building


  • Partnered with Matco Service Corp.
  • Installed a modular, electric Aeromek Chiller to reduce carbon footprint
  • Built with multiple redundancies to make sure there is never a loss of service
  • Equipment installed ahead of
schedule & under budget

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