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Success Story

3 Huntington Quadrangle

Melville, NY

In December 2016, Treeline acquired 3 Huntington Quadrangle, a 400k square foot office building in a Long Island corporate campus, from Hines REIT for $36 million. The property required significant capital investment due to deferred maintenance. Treeline performed extensive renovations including new lobbies, common areas, and an outdoor plaza, in addition to a backup generator overhaul, providing power stability for the large corporate offices.

Treeline sold the property after two years with a 2.5x equity return.

What We Did



By The Numbers


Purchase Price


Square Foot Office Space


Equity return at sale


  • A Class-B office building with serious mechanical and aesthetic issues.
  • Most tenants were ready to leave the building upon lease expiration due to the previous owner's neglect of the property.
  • Common areas were antiquated and elevators were unreliable, making some tenants feel unsafe to even use them.
  • The building's main selling point, a generator system that could run the entire building in a power outage, had not been maintained.


  • Began by meeting with the tenants and listening to their concerns and hopes for the building; they wanted reliable management and reliable systems.
  • Collaborated with local specialists and contractors to strengthen the building's electrical infrastructure while also creating a long-term plan to refurbish the generator equipment without incurring the expense of replacing it.
  • Fully rebuilt each elevator and improved upon building common areas and amenities, providing a safer and more aesthetic space where people could feel proud to work.

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