Frances Schor

Founder & President
“Seeing Things Differently - Treeline encapsulates this statement. It is the way we do things because of who we are. It is not a phony statement; it is the reality of our lives. We just can’t work another way. We can’t accept a decision that has not been fully vetted and explored, to be certain we’re making the best judgment with the information we have available.”

Frances Schor is Founder and President of the Treeline Company. She built Treeline into a leader in the real estate industry, forging a reputation as an aggressive development firm in all aspects of the industry. Through the years she’s gained hands-on real estate, banking and insurance experience and calls on these abilities to optimize the full value of Treeline’s portfolio.

“When I began, I had confidence in my experience and ideas. Whether it was starting a new project, acquiring a bigger client, negotiating a better deal or developing the company’s business model, I knew I could do a great job and proceeded to get it done. In the process, I often presented creative ideas others initially resisted because of their mentality of ‘that’s not how it’s done.’ Innovative ideas always meet resistance at first. But as Treeline’s success grew, so did acceptance of our ‘seeing things differently’ approach to business.”

This belief in the unconventional, in seeing things others might not, has guided the growth of Treeline since Frances first opened its doors. “We’re good at what we do because we just won’t accept that a resolution can’t be found for a difficult situation. We try to work through thorny problems so we can achieve the best result possible. This doesn’t mean we achieve perfection, but it means we achieve the best-reasoned and thoughtful resolution we can see. And that we’re satisfied we’ve done our best for ourselves, our investors and our lenders.”

Fran graduated from Brooklyn College and holds a real estate broker’s license in New York. As Treeline CEO she was instrumental in creating the firm’s business model and credited with forming Treeline Acquisition, Treeline Leasing and Treeline Construction – businesses that enable the company to be a full-service owner and operator of investment properties. She and husband Glenn share time between their homes in New York City and Long Island. A proponent of active community service, she chaired the Business Improvement District Committees for both Livingston Street and Court Street in Brooklyn. Fran is an ardent patron of the arts in New York City.  Among her passions are New York City’s Metropolitan Opera and Jazz at Lincoln Center. She is an avid collector of 20th century art.