Howard Schor

Chief Operating Officer
“I’m never afraid to ask ’Why’ and ‘How.’ I question everything. I don’t believe we should do things because that’s the way we did them before, I think a heightened sensitivity and awareness of oneself and one’s surroundings is critical to seeing things differently.”

Howard began his career helping to build Fortune 500 brands while working at global advertising agencies. It was a highly creative environment in which he learned to “question every answer” in developing successful ideas for bolstering a brand’s bottom line.

“Often in our business there’s a tendency to rely on the tried and true. I’ve always believed just the opposite. That we should look past the traditional and the obvious, to develop solutions that others would never consider. The type of answers that create something new and valuable in the process of achieving the investment goals for our partners and our firm.”

Howard believes there are always answers, you just have to dig deeper than others to find them. “I’m tenacious. I’ll never consider the negatives, instead I always look for the possible however improbable. And if I believe the course of action I’m taking is correct, there’s nothing that will stop me from making it happen, from accomplishing the mission. I never give up.”

“I love the sense of discovery our business offers me. My job is constantly evolving. It requires me to call upon my backgrounds in finance, management, technology, marketing, design and construction every day. I love that one minute I’m working to change a business process and the next minute I’m designing a new common area.”

Howard received his MBA in Finance and Management from New York University Stern School of Business and a BBA in Marketing from Hofstra University. In his capacity of Chief Operating Officer, Howard runs four key Treeline departments – Asset Management, Construction, IT and Marketing – and is heavily involved in day-to-day operations of the entire firm. His accomplishments include managing more than 2.5 million square feet of office space, deploying new technology that provides data across all departments and spearheading Treeline’s rebranding in 2013. Howard is also President of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces New York Young Leadership Board. He enjoys golf, travel, cinema and is an avid Giants and Islanders fan.